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October 2014


Creating more business opportunities using notifications [VIDEO]

Published October 14, 2014

Transcript Even if you have leads coming in, the way you and your marketing team are notified will play a role in converting those leads to sales. By creating alerts for various aspects of your business, you can set yourself up to make the most the activity happening on your site. So, what kind of lead alerts might you want to set up? If a prospective lead has been on the website, you’re going to Read more »


How to successfully reach younger consumers

Published October 10, 2014

All marketers need to keep demographics in mind when they craft campaigns, and because younger people tend to be more adept at newer technologies, it’s especially important that you reach this audience. Doing so requires a constant refresh of what makes this sort of campaign effective and what platforms younger people are using. An article for CIO on teen digital marketing looks at some of the Read more »


Facebook’s new ‘Audience Network’ launches

Published October 9, 2014

Marketers that have been using Facebook for their campaigns now have more options. The company has made its previously announced “Audience Network” feature available for use outside of the social network. Though it operates on the same principles, this “official” version of the ad platform allows small businesses to use a similar format in different settings on the web. Facebook Read more »


Why you should monitor social media before and after campaign launch

Published October 8, 2014

They say a watched pot never boils. Similarly, an unwatched social media marketing campaign may never get off the ground. That’s what Noemi Twigg says in a recent article for Social News Daily. It’s about more than just checking out the competition: Good social media monitoring means knowing what’s trending and which tactics are more effective. Since social media is such a fundamental Read more »


Understanding the ‘big picture’ for email marketing success

Published October 7, 2014

A company committed to improving its email marketing should be focused on success, but not so much focus that it doesn’t they don’t consider all of its options and possibilities. Researching different tools, watching competitors, and looking at dominant industry trends can help marketers develop their own strategies without copying too much from other people. That way, they will have some Read more »

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