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Apple shows value of seasonal marketing with charming holiday-themed commercial

Published December 25, 2013 at 7:10 am

Apple has never been one to shy away from ambitious marketing campaigns, so when it came time to develop a commercial for the holiday season, the tech giant pulled out all the stops.

In what’s being dubbed by many as “the best iPhone commercial of all time” and by others as the winner of the holiday advertisement season, Apple’s appropriately named “Misunderstood” is the company’s latest attempt at selling its popular line of mobile devices before the holiday shopping season runs out of time. And, much like it does following a keynote presentation that introduces a new gadget or software platform, Apple’s commercial has generated a tremendous amount of buzz.

The commercial paints the picture of your stereotypical 2013 teenager. As he travels with his family to visit relatives for Christmas, he seems far more interested in his iPhone than he does in what’s happening around him. He barely has time to put his device down to hug his grandparents. Typical holiday activities — ranging from playing in the snow with his siblings to decorating the tree — are inconveniences distracting him from his precious time on his phone.

Just when you think this depressing representation of America’s youth is complete, the commercial cuts to Christmas morning and, in a twist ending, reveals the teenager’s true intentions. He wasn’t on his phone ignoring his family. Instead, he was making a home video, and we suddenly see all the moments he supposedly missed replayed through the family television, which he can easily do thanks to the iPhone’s video editing and airplay functions. There isn’t a dry eye in the house as the boy’s mother and grandmother hug him and thank him for his thoughtful gift.

The commercial has charm and it showcases how effective the holiday season can be as a marketing tool. While this season is almost over, there will be plenty of opportunities throughout the coming year to utilize an event or holiday as a theme for your advertisements.

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