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Choosing the most effective logo for your podcast

Published February 5, 2015 at 7:52 am

What goes into making an effective logo for a podcast?

New forms of media have given rise to new types of logos. Podcasts, in particular, have rapidly grown in popularity in recent years, and since they are a mostly non-visual format, use logos to distinguish themselves. One study even found that the average listener spends more time with podcasts than any other audio format, including music.

That means users have a special relationship with their favorite podcasts, one hammered home by the way the logo sums up the style and feel of each show. Sonia Weiser of Paste Magazine recently examined some of the most polished podcast logos out there, including those for The Moth, 99 percent Invisible and Serial. Some of these have become well-known among their audiences in the way that any popular logo gains traction among a fanbase, potentially inspiring reinterpretations and amateur versions.

Referencing the opinions of Modernpreneur’s Craig Carpenter and Daniel Lewis of The Audacity Podcast, Weiser gives examples of which visual strategies are most appropriate for which type of podcast.

“If the podcast’s host is less important than the subject itself, a photo of their face isn’t ideal,” she writes. “The ‘This American Life’ logo can’t simply be Ira Glass, he’s not the subject matter.” When it comes to families of podcasts from a particular company, Weiser argues “it’s as much about creating a cohesive collection of podcast logos as creating one very special logo.” This is because all of the different shows will likely feature variations of the same basic imagery and style.

The rules that make for a good podcast icon image could also apply to designing content for successful campaign automation. No matter which platform you are focusing on, your target demographics need to understand it as part of a coordinated effort.

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