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Kanye’s comeback at Bonnaroo

Published February 28, 2014 at 8:30 am

Even some of the most dramatic failures can bounce back given the opportunity, whether they’re a brand or a well-known celebrity. To say Kanye West is “no stranger to controversy” is an understatement: the man has displayed deliberately outrageous behavior that’s garnered him a wealth of criticism and disapproval (along with enduring fandom).

But the rapper’s absence from popular music festival Bonnaroo had nothing to do with controversial statements, not even about George Bush. Instead, as USA Today reports, it stems from a 2008 incident in which West’s gargantuan stage setup ended up delaying his performance by two hours and angering fans. Kanye himself attacked the festival for not being able to realize his vision.

However, that bad blood seems to have subsided. USAToday quotes one of the founders of the festival, Ashley Capps, as she expressed enthusiasm over Yeezy’s reappearance.

“Kanye’s one of the major acts of our time; we’re one of the great festivals of our time,” Capps said. “We want to work together. We’re excited to welcome him back.”

Other performers on the setlist include the typically eclectic bunch of performers in different styles, from relatively new acts like Skrillex and Ty Segall to well-known pop figures with longer histories like Lionel Richie and Elton John.

All shutter-shaded eyes will be on Kanye to see if his return leaves a better taste in fans mouths this time around. This serves as an example for those who are looking to improve their image and make their presence well-known. It goes to show that you can get a second chance even in the wake of a major disaster.

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