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Man shames YouTube star for parking fail in his own viral video

Published October 25, 2013 at 2:05 pm

Parking your car in front of someone’s driveway is just plain rude. But parking your car in front of someone’s driveway and ranting to your 2.2 million YouTube subscribers about how said car was unnecessarily towed as a result of this decision? Well, that’s just asking for trouble.

To be fair, internet star Joey Graceffa, who posts daily video blogs to a huge audience of viewers, probably never thought that actor/comedian Nate Clark, the man whose driveway he blocked, would choose to battle him on his own playing field: YouTube. However, upon realizing that the person who had parked a blue Prius in front of his driveway was a YouTube sensation who had been talking smack about him following the fateful incident, Grant decided to take matters into his own hands and clear a few things up.

“[My friends] wanted me to film a video where I make fun of you and your YouTube videos, but I thought that would be mean and I felt kind of bad about it,” Clark says in his video, which has 2.3 million hits so far. “Then I watched some of your videos where you talk about me towing your car. Some of the things you said, Joey, were really mean, and it kind of hurt. Plus, they weren’t true. So I decided to film this video and refute some of the points you made in your videos.”

And refute them he does. Grant goes on to explain the situation in snarky detail, using photographic evidence to show that Graceffa didn’t simply block a few inches of driveway as he claimed, but rather took up almost the entire width of it. He even takes it a step further and calls Graceffa out for leaving his federal tax return lying in plain view on the passenger’s seat.

The moral of the story? Be careful what you post on the internet. Word travels fast, and one misstep has the ability to do some serious damage to your personal brand faster than you can say “viral video.”

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