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Nissan takes to Twitter to respond to Rogue flap

Published January 10, 2014 at 6:58 am

If you’ve tuned into television recently, there’s a pretty good chance you heard about the new Nissan Rogue.

And then heard about it again.

And again.

And maybe a fourth or a fifth time for good measure, until you were responding to everyday questions with the word “Nissan”, mumbled again and again until it became an incoherent, blurry testament to the satiating effect of repeated advertising.

Then, if you were like a number of irritated people on social media, you took to Twitter to voice your displeasure with the ubiquity of the advertisements.

One enraged tweeter threatened to deface Nissan Rogues until the ads began playing at a more normal volume. Another posited the Nissan Rogue was the real enemy in Auburn and Alabama’s college football feud. A third decided to forgo her plans to purchase one of the cars entirely, instead electing to buy with rival company Honda.

In response to the dustup, the company took to its Twitter page to apologize and promised changes.

“Thx. We hear you. May have been a little TOO excited about the Rogue. Working w/ networks to show less this wknd. Our bad!,” the company offered in a tweet.

While sales of the vehicle are fairly strong, the entire incident underlines just how tricky market saturation can be. On one hand, getting the word out regularly is an important part of brand awareness. On the other, if consumers get tired of your marketing, they may find it more irritating than appealing.

Having a diversified, localized strategy is a valuable way of continuing to keep your product on the minds of consumers, without driving them to take up their social media pitchforks.

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