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Ricky Gervais helps Audi promote affordable luxury

Published April 2, 2014 at 10:29 am

In an economy where many find themselves strapped for cash, a brand new luxury car is probably the last thing on a lot of people’s minds. Despite this reality, car companies continually strive to come up with ad campaigns to sell luxury vehicles to even the most hesitant buyers.

How do they do this? By creating more affordable models and appealing to the sensibilities of a particular demographic. At least, that’s what Audi is attempting to do with its recent ad campaign featuring comedian Ricky Gervais. As AdAge reports, Audi’s campaign for its new A3 sedan, which is priced starting around $30,000, aims to make luxury seem affordable and attainable, appealing to the type of people who are not willing to compromise. To convey this point, the ad features celebrity chefs, photojournalists and various other personalities that only people who are cool enough would recognize. These uncompromising personalities were also chosen to convey the point that although Audi has made an affordable car, it did not compromise on quality.

Another ad for the A3 features Gervais driving while his niece sits in the back reading insulting things that people are saying about Gervais on a tablet. The new A3 will be available in April and will be the first car in the U.S. to feature 4G LTE, according to TIME.

Celebrity endorsements can do a lot for a brand, but in a market where the younger demographic doesn’t have as much to spend, Audi isn’t the only car company to create a more affordable model. Last year, Mercedes introduced the $29,000 CLA. With the A3, Audi seeks to reach this audience of younger buyers, possibly drawing them away from other brands like Honda or Toyota. Will Ricky Gervais have enough appeal to sell consumers on the affordable luxury of the A3? Only time will tell.

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