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Using reputable images in marketing

Published November 13, 2014 at 8:56 am

Pictures are important additions to marketing.

While using eye-catching images is a cornerstone of any web-content, there are drawbacks of being too aggressively visual in your marketing materials. Not only do you risk bombarding the recipient with too much information all at once, bad use of images could also land your company in trouble.

Before starting a multi channel marketing initiative, think about the images you are employing in your materials and whether they match up accurately with what you want to say.

Recently, a condiment company from California, Hampton Creek, was sued by Unilever for making false claims on its packaging. The dispute centered around whether there were eggs in Hampton’s “Just Mayo” spread: although there aren’t, the logo resembles an egg, which Unilever said could cause confusion.

Another blunder that could upset your marketing campaign is the use of images that are not safe or “reputable.” Chris Arrendale writes about this in a recent Business2Community post, saying that companies should check the “reputation” of their images to avoid being wrongly marked as spam when they try to reach possible subscribers.

“One issue that comes up quite often is that the image URL could be compromised and used to send out spam messages,”he writes. “Many email marketers have experienced this, but most don’t notice until they start seeing emails blocked or blocked to their recipient’s network.”

If you take the time to make sure that the images connected to your marketing materials are both accurate and reputable, your content will be more likely to be shared. Building a strong reputation and using legitimate photos will also make it easier for you to increase your supporter base and get more people interested in your business.

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