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Multi-Channel Marketing

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AdSoft Direct specializes in a multi-channel, personalized approach to marketing. If you want to be successful in your marketing efforts, you have to focus on all mediums – print, email, social media, and promotional items, all with consistent branding.

Detractors will say that the paper vs. digital war ended long ago, with the overmatched paper camp raising a white flag, and digital becoming the singular, dominant medium for marketing efforts. Brands that do not communicate across every medium possible are awkwardly limiting contact with customers and prospects.

At AdSoft Direct, we’re of a different mindset.

We believe that print and digital should work in tandem to advance businesses’ marketing goals. Through our software, we provide our clients’ end users with the ability to create localized marketing products, from printed collateral – postcards, letters, brochures, flyers, cards, custom materials – to promotional items, brand-approved social media posts and email blasts with a personalized touch that move the needle in their favor.

Printed marketing collateral remains a valuable part of marketing campaigns

Printed collateral is still highly effective and able to generate a high level of ROI for your brand, and science backs that up. In 2009, global research agency Millward Brown studied the neurological responses of recipients of direct mail, compared with those who viewed the same information on a digital screen.

Researchers settled on three conclusions that should reinforce what most savvy marketers already know – a marketing campaign is incomplete without an arm dedicated to printed materials. Those three findings were:

  • Physical media leaves a “deeper footprint” in the brain, and is thus more “real” to the viewer
  • Tangible materials generate increased emotional stimulation, creating “more vivid memories”
  • Viewers are more likely to relate their own thoughts, feelings and memories to physical materials

These findings, coupled with the fact that AdSoft Direct allows you to tailor your message to a segment of your audience, means that your content won’t soon be forgotten.

What not to overlook as you build your marketing campaign

But even though there’s inherent value in putting collateral right in the hands of your customers, you should not take the content contained within the collateral for granted. No matter what medium it’s presented on, copy needs to be compelling and persuasive, explain your company’s story, reinforce your brand reputation and leverage your value propositions, or you’ll fail to entice your audience.

When all of these factors are in sync, when your target audience receives the material that will resonate with them and speak directly to their needs, the returns for a business will be immediate and prolonged. The right marketing collateral can be the first compelling outreach effort that begins an ongoing relationship between a business and a customer. Or it can be the closing argument made to a prospect that pushes them into the “customer” column.

As effective as diverse marketing campaigns are, they are difficult to properly execute. While online campaigns can be tweaked with just a few mouse clicks, marketing campaigns involving printed collateral require more upfront planning and an understanding that adjusting these strategies on-the-fly is not usually a viable option.

But with AdSoft Direct software, marketers gain more control over their campaigns, no matter their scope, so they can be independently customized according to their needs.

Self-Service, Local Marketing Automation

Every one who sells, services, or promotes your brand whether across the country or across the globe is a brand ambassador. Our marketing software sits in the cloud helping to execute and manage their local direct mail and email campaigns, collateral printing, microsites with SEO and landing pages, and social media posts without ever compromising your brand. And provides all the enterprise reporting you’ll ever need. AdSoft Direct creates marketing centers that drive new business, improve customer loyalty, and connect you with the most important part of your business: your customers.

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