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Awards as Marketing Tools?

Published February 21, 2014

Another Grammy Awards is in the books, but the chatter surrounding the musical honors has hardly died down. People are still excitedly debating what they think should have happened, recapping the performances that had them dancing and sharing their views on some of the more outrageous sartorial choices. At the end of the day, though, does all of this discussion have much benefit to the artists involved Read more »

New direct mail rules could put scanning codes on ads

Published January 30, 2014

Are there any developments on the horizon that might prove advantageous for advertisers that send marketing materials through direct mail? How about the “scannable” QR code boxes and other digital prompts have been around for some time and play a key role in modern direct mail marketing campaigns? Now the government is investigating the value of these developments. According to a report Read more »

Marketers look to increase efficiency of digital campaigns in 2014

Published January 22, 2014

Thousands of marketing managers responded to a recent survey compiled by, detailing their priorities and goals for the upcoming year. Unsurprisingly, digital concerns led the list, with 67 percent describing their primary goal as increasing the efficiency of digital marketing campaigns, 64 percent emphasizing more engaging email marketing, and 61 percent hoping to see gains in their Read more »

Ad campaign nostalgia needs to be handled correctly

Published January 2, 2014

Plenty of companies fall back on their legacy when trying to win over customers. The “new Mustang” car being released by Ford, for example, can be said to pay homage to the car’s past as well as a modern interpretation of the brand. And Jerry Seinfeld’s newer ads for the Acura have had some fun parodying older styles of film and television from the 1960s, according to Mashable Read more »

We need video ads that the consumer will actually watch

Published December 30, 2013

Facebook has recently launched a new means of displaying ad content on its website: videos. While this might sound like a green light for all of the ambitious projects your company might want to get off of the ground, you should really stop and think about this from the consumer’s point of view. This is to say: will your audience be receptive to video ads on Facebook? It all depends on how you Read more »

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