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March 2015


Do Print options still work, in the digital age?

Published March 10, 2015

Let’s take a closer look at some longstanding staples of direct mail marketing campaigns. We’ve spoken before about the enduring appeal of catalogs, but a new Harvard Business Review (HBR) article asks the question again: why do old-school magazines sent in the mail still work for companies in the age of Instagram and Twitter? The source says that some retail chains like Anthropologie are Read more »

Retweeting is an important part of maximizing your social media presence.

Does Retweeting help your brand?

Published March 9, 2015

Are you trying to build your current Twitter presence and attract more followers? Creating regular, exciting content is an obvious must, but the social aspect of this platform shouldn’t be ignored. It’s a good idea for any business that wants more followers to truly take part in Twitter and interact with others. This accomplishes brand exposure goals and comes with some strong benefits Read more »

Businesses can use direct mail marketing to see how interested a new marketing group could be in their brand.

Direct mail marketing great for targeted marketing

Published March 6, 2015

Often, the term “targeted marketing” seems to apply mainly to online campaigns that use popular channels and communication tools to reach a set audience. While these are undoubtedly good choices for so-called “niches,” direct mail marketing campaigns can fit into this scheme and help your business get the attention of specific customers as well. As part of a larger initiative, Read more »


Why nobody is bypassing the GEICO internet ad

Published March 5, 2015

Anyone running campaign automation should be aware of the importance of reaching possible customers quickly and giving them all the information they need. YouTube videos have been a popular spot for advertising in recent years, and viewers often find video ads playing in front of the content they were looking for. Sometimes they are able to skip these after the first five seconds, therefore bypassing Read more »

The hashtag has undergone some changes over the years.

Your hashtag strategy should change!

Published March 4, 2015

Anyone who has used Twitter may have noticed subtle changes over the years in the way it operates. With more people aware of how it works, businesses have to be more adept at the different means that Twitter-based tools are used for nowadays. One of the most fundamental is the hashtag: we’ve touched upon it before on this blog, but let’s look a little more deeply into what a business should Read more »

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