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October 2013

Virgin America’s new in-flight safety video will have you dancing in your seat

Published October 31, 2013

For most Americans, traveling via airplane isn’t the most enjoyable experience. Baggage fees are exorbitantly expensive, security lines are long, cabins are crowded and some airlines even break passengers’ guitars. Of course, not all in-flight experiences are negative. There was Southwest Airlines’ rapping flight attendant, who not only provided welcome entertainment to weary travelers, Read more »

Von Miller shows what not to do when repairing a personal brand

Published October 30, 2013

When drafted out of college as the second overall pick by the Denver Broncos three years ago, otherworldly linebacker Von Miller didn’t appear to have any red flags that would suggest anything but a productive playing career, short of a spate of unpredictable injuries. But that was before a six-game suspension for trying to cheat a drug test and ongoing legal trouble related to a traffic violation. Read more »

How marketing can help position brands as meaningfully different

Published October 29, 2013

Imagine entering a room full of objects that are all the same size, color and shape — except for one that looks different from all the rest. Wouldn’t you be inherently drawn to the object that has its own unique characteristics? Wouldn’t it command your attention and leave you wanting to know more? As Harvard Business Review (HBR) puts it, “people are predisposed to choose things Read more »

GOP poll numbers another victim of the government shutdown

Published October 28, 2013

The Republican Party’s brand has reached an historic low in the aftermath of the government shutdown and debt ceiling debate, with a Washington Post-ABC News poll finding that only 32 percent hold a favorable opinion, and 63 percent disapprove, of the GOP. So who is to blame for the damage to the brand? If you ask Senator Lindsey Graham, the finger should be pointed back at the Republican Party, Read more »

Man shames YouTube star for parking fail in his own viral video

Published October 25, 2013

Parking your car in front of someone’s driveway is just plain rude. But parking your car in front of someone’s driveway and ranting to your 2.2 million YouTube subscribers about how said car was unnecessarily towed as a result of this decision? Well, that’s just asking for trouble. To be fair, internet star Joey Graceffa, who posts daily video blogs to a huge audience of viewers, Read more »

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