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Kraft launches “natural” Kraft Singles campaign

Published April 25, 2014 at 10:31 am

When marketing is done well, it can be convincing enough to sell products that may otherwise not seem so desirable. The way that a product is presented has the power to entice people to purchase it, even when it might not be quite what it seems.

As the demand for healthier food options increases, some companies have responded by altering product ingredients to satisfy consumer demand. After receiving backlash about certain artificial ingredients, Kraft launched a campaign to create awareness about changes it made to Kraft Singles, according to an article in Fast Company.

Kraft’s campaign to improve the image of Kraft Singles, technically not cheese, but a “cheese product,” attempts to present the product in a way that makes it seem like it originates from farms. Although Kraft Singles are still technically not cheese, the campaign highlights that the product is made with milk, while being careful never to actually describe it as cheese.

The campaign seeks to inform and educate consumers about the ingredients in Kraft Singles, while trying to give the food a more wholesome image at the same time. Because the company replaced an artificial preservative with a “natural” one, it allows the company to use this angle to position the product in a new, more wholesome light.

The words used in a marketing campaign matter, and being able to call a product “natural” as opposed to using the name of a chemical can make a product sound more appealing, especially to health-conscious consumers.

Branding is a powerful tool that is essential to the presentation and maintenance of company’s image, even when a product may seem questionable in the eyes of consumers. Although a marketing campaign can do a lot to show people the great aspects of a product, in the end, the true quality of the product will always reveal itself.

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