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Minneapolis announces new city logo

Published February 17, 2015 at 7:35 am

Minneapolis' new logo still keeps its traditional "sailboat" motif.

Over time, all logos need to change to adapt to new styles and trends, whether they be for companies, educational organizations or even cities. Minneapolis, Minnesota, has adopted a sleek new graphic logo to represent itself on official displays, according to MinnPost, and the redesign takes elements of the previous images associated with the city and attempts to redefine them using a new style and color palette.

The previous logo featured depictions of two overlapping sailboats in blue and white, juxtaposed over the legend “City of Lakes.” Both this slogan and the basic sailboat motif are still present in the new version, but with a brighter selection of colors and a larger, smoother font size. In addition to a single “boat,” the logo has also added an eye-catching green stripe.

Such changes can reach everywhere from public signage to the direct mail marketing campaigns an organization takes up, which must now adhere to the new images for stronger brand coherence. An official request to the city council from the Department of Communications released earlier this month referenced the impact this graphical change will have.

“The more prominent use of the word ‘Minneapolis’ means the logo will reproduce better at a range of sizes, allowing the word to be read clearly regardless of the scale,” it reads. “Eliminating the thin lines in the current version of the logo will also make it more suitable for use in digital environments.” The authors of this statement also noted that this solution was more cost-effective than creating a brand new logo from scratch.

Once you have created a strong new logo design, you could lay the foundation for a grand campaign that involves multiple popular channels and introduces this new look to a wide audience.

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