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November 2013

Transportation safety videos go viral

Published November 15, 2013

The struggle to promote good behavior on trains and other modes of public transportation can seem tough: how do you tell people to act more responsible without sounding like you’re lecturing them? The elusive prize of the “viral video” has certainly made entertaining online video content worth pursuing for all sorts of campaigns. Let’s examine two similarly themed video-based Read more »

TV Channels: Re-branding without turning off couch potatoes

Published November 14, 2013

It’s tough to be a TV channel. Never mind all the different ways the entertainment and broadcasting industries are changing: even in its own domain a channel might easily be confronted with a challenge to its very identity after a certain amount of time on the air. One of the most notorious has been what some see as the slow de-evolution of what is currently the “SyFy” channel. Read more »

Being highly Google-able (and nothing else) is not an online marketing strategy

Published November 13, 2013

It’s not often that plumbers look to academic papers for advice on running their business, but Duke University’s Ryan C. McDevitt has conducted some research that should help these companies make more savvy marketing decisions. For example, did you know that plumbing firms that advertise disproportionately on Google receive more than 13 times as many complaints from customers through the Read more »

Is multicultural marketing now part of ‘Marketing 101’?

Published November 12, 2013

How did one of the country’s top multicultural marketing experts find herself recently speaking at the International Spa Association’s Conference and Expo? Throughout her career, Kelly McDonald has seen this country, and specifically her local community in Texas, become more ethnically diverse. Her comments at the conference were intended to show that we no longer live in a “one size Read more »

KFC serves up chicken without the Colonel

Published November 11, 2013

It’s not just the image of your restaurant that changes when you take a new marketing tactic: it could be the entire way that your business is perceived in the public’s mind. Just look at the history of the fast food restaurant now known as KFC. Once upon a time, these letters stood for “Kentucky Fried Chicken,” but over time the brand has changed, dropping the longer name Read more »

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