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September 2014


Coca-cola brings back Surge!

Published September 23, 2014

Nostalgia can be powerful. Marketers know this, and as such, will sometimes create buzz by bringing back “retired” products for another round. The latest company to employ this tactic is Coca-Cola. According to Adweek, Coca-Cola is bringing back the citrus soda Surge, which has been off the market for more than a decade. But to achieve success with these types of efforts it is necessary Read more »


Using video reaches a greater audience

Published September 22, 2014

The marketing world often emphasizes the power of social media to spread the word about a product or service. However, sometimes going beyond the written can have a powerful effect on your marketing efforts. By incorporating visuals into your campaigns, you can create content that is more likely to spread virally. One of the most important parts of marketing is finding compelling ways of telling your Read more »


Are your online business profiles complete? [VIDEO]

Published September 19, 2014

Transcript Many people find businesses today by running an Internet search. If you’re unaware of your online profiles, you could be missing an opportunity to connect with customers. No one wants to spend time searching for your business hours or contact information. This detail can be easy to miss, but if the information isn’t there when they land on your profile, they may move on. When your profiles Read more »


Social media channels as important as media content

Published September 18, 2014

For years there has been a great deal of talk about using social media to engage with customers. However, certain audiences may use social media channels and email in different ways. Knowing who is using a particular channel can go a long way when developing effective campaign marketing. According to an article from Internet Retailer, eMarketer reports that 97 percent of respondents to a survey of Read more »


Southwest expands and rebrands

Published September 17, 2014

As a brand builds on its success over time, there may come a time when it has plans for expansion. Brand expansion can be a big move for a company, and as such, requires careful consideration. Marketers must be strategic when developing ways to appeal to new audiences while retaining loyalty and satisfaction with the original customer base. A recent Adage article discusses the brand refresh that Southwest Read more »

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