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June 2014

Data is important, but creativity and intuition still matter

Published June 20, 2014

The more you know about your target audience, the greater your ability to create products and services that appeal to them. With the abundance of data available today, it’s easier than ever for marketers to leverage this information to fine-tune their campaigns. Recently we discussed on this blog the importance of interpreting data correctly: It is most powerful when it yields actionable Read more »

Lowes launches 3-D augmented reality “Holoroom”

Published June 19, 2014

As technology has continued to evolve, marketing has too. Unique branding experiences have the potential to leave a strong impression. Brands that are able to provide these kinds of experiences can boost customer engagement and develop loyalty. Some companies are finding innovative ways to incorporate technology into their marketing to give customers experiences that are unique, memorable and that Read more »

Every business can benefit from local marketing efforts

Even national businesses can benefit from local marketing efforts [VIDEO]

Published June 18, 2014

Every business can benefit from local marketing efforts. Even if your company is well-known nationally, reaching out to people in your area will bring more business through the door. There’s one step you can take right now to see what local customers are already saying about your business. A lot of people use social media to let companies know what they think of a product or service. This is a great Read more »

The impact of visual storytelling

Published June 18, 2014

We’ve often discussed the powerful impact an image can have. Photo sites like Instagram have made it possible for marketers to leverage this power. Images present an opportunity for marketers to create branding that tells stories in a visual way. When executed effectively, these campaigns can have a big impact. Recently we discussed how the human brain is actually wired to crave storytelling. Read more »

The power of storytelling

Published June 17, 2014

A compelling story is a powerful thing. Marketers have always known this, and today, there are more storytelling mediums available than ever. While personality and honesty and a little mystery are all ingredients that contribute to a great brand story, the stories that marketers tell are actually “craved” by our brains. According to research by Nielsen, consumer trust in advertisements Read more »

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