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Current Events in Marketing

Using customer reviews to improve your brand

Published May 8, 2014

When it comes to developing a marketing strategy, listening to customer feedback is crucial. If a customer is pleased (or displeased) with a product, there are many ways that they will let a brand know. Through social media, consumers are able to express their opinions about a company or product openly. These comments can be a great resource for companies that want to improve their product and marketing Read more »

Burger King brings back an old icon. #TBT

Published May 6, 2014

We’ve frequently discussed on this blog how it is the goal of many marketing campaigns to achieve viral status. But could a brand bring back an old viral campaign and make it go viral again? A memorable advertising campaign can stay in people’s memories for a long time, and nostalgia can be a powerful way of reaching people, by using something familiar to introduce a new product or promote Read more »

Rolex uses strategic marketing to stay relevant

Published May 5, 2014

When a brand’s identity has been established for a long time, it can be challenging for marketers to find a way to appeal to a younger audience. However, for brands to stay relevant and keep business up, it is essential to figure out how to do just that. Even the biggest brands have to evolve with the changing times, so what can a brand like Rolex do to appeal to a younger market? Rolex, maker Read more »

The power of data in marketing

Published May 2, 2014

Data has been playing an increasingly large role in our lives, especially as social media sites like Facebook are able to collect information about users and use it to tailor advertising. A recent marketing campaign by game maker Ubisoft plays on this idea in a very real way. “Digital Shadow” is the new campaign for the company’s upcoming game “Watch Dogs,” which is Read more »

Is marketing to your OS the future?

Published May 1, 2014

As technology becomes an increasingly pervasive part of modern life, marketers are faced with numerous ways to reach consumers. As computers and mobile technology continue to become more integrated into our daily lives, marketing strategies may have to change in order to adapt. The recent Spike Jonze film “Her” is about a man who falls in love with his computer operating system. He has Read more »

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