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Current Events in Marketing

Heineken ‘drops’ customers into immersive ad campaign

Published September 3, 2013

Direct marketing services are essential to companies of all sizes. With more customers using mobile technology and the internet on a daily basis, organizations need to consider those outlets when creating strong advertising campaigns. This blog discussed last week how companies can benefit from getting customers more directly involved, by asking them to see themselves using a product or service. Heineken Read more »

Reynolds American back on the airwaves, but where is Joe Camel?

Published September 2, 2013

Even with new technology available, companies still must keep their target audience—and their needs—in mind. The right localized marketing approach can vary from one business to the next, and the types of ads, along with their overarching message, could impact customer trends. For example, Reynolds American is the second-largest tobacco company in the United States—it produces Camel cigarettes—and Read more »

Nike pushes viewers to explore their own ‘Possibilities’

Published August 26, 2013

“Just do it.” For 25 years, Nike has urged its customers to stop worrying, stop complaining and just play the game—whatever that game might be. And, for 25 years, Nike’s slogan has stuck in the minds of consumers everywhere. So, what makes Nike’s latest ad, “Possibilities,” any different? The athletic apparel company has now implemented web-based marketing, Read more »

Coke gets customers to say ‘Ahh’ with its digital marketing approach

Published August 21, 2013

Coca-Cola is a world-renowned company, with a recognizable logo and already-famous advertising campaigns for its product—polar bears and Santa Claus anyone? Those are both older, classic campaigns though. Coke recently decided that to stay current and meet the needs of its younger customer base, it needed to tweak its marketing strategies. About six months ago, the soda company created its Read more »

Despite controversial ad, Cheerios sticks to its marketing approach

Published August 20, 2013

Early in the summer, Cheerios made headlines for all the wrong reasons. A seemingly innocent advertisement caused customers across the nation to speak out—some were for the commercial, others were against it. The commercial in question showed an interracial married couple and their child eating breakfast. Camille Gibson, vice-president of marketing for Cheerios, explained to the Associated Press Read more »

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