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Your New Year’s Resolution should be to boost customer engagement

Published December 31, 2013

The year is almost up: soon, people will be clinking champagne glasses and counting down in unison. Some will no doubt be offering up their personal resolutions, things that they plan to do or change in the coming year. This is a worthwhile practice for business as well. While there’s no magic to the flip of a calendar, a new year can be a good time to evaluate and improve your marketing strategy. One Read more »

Your local marketing campaign CAN compete with bigger brands — here’s how

Published December 27, 2013

Say you’re not lucky enough to have the financial clout of Apple, or the historical market share of Coca-Cola. Maybe you’re just a small or medium-sized business attempting to reach a target audience awash in messaging from massive, sprawling companies. How can you possibly compete? One thing is for sure — if you attempt to use the exact same strategies that they do, you’re not Read more »

Words, words, words: maintaining the right tone in marketing emails

Published December 10, 2013

When you start sending out emails to help promote your brand, lots of care needs to be taken in order to make sure there is no confusion and that the mission of the company wins the recipient over. There’s nothing worse than a boring or unclear subject line in an email, and a really poorly worded one might have your message sent straight to the spam folder or deleted simply as a matter of course. A Read more »

The call to action: What’s yours?

Published December 9, 2013

Is your direct mail marketing campaign driving the results you want? Are you using calls to action? If not, chances are you should be. You may have heard the term “call to action” used over and over in marketing. There’s a good reason for this — a call to action is a simple and effective way to drive leads to your business. Customers are presented with so many options today. Why Read more »

When should you send a marketing postcard?

Published December 6, 2013

The postcard is a simple, yet effective traditional mail marketing tool that you might be tempted to overlook in today’s world of digital marketing options. However, there are numerous benefits to using postcards in your direct mail marketing campaign. A postcard offers you a chance to be quick and to the point with your message, and when it reaches the hands of the right audience, it has an Read more »

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