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Being highly Google-able (and nothing else) is not an online marketing strategy

Published November 13, 2013

It’s not often that plumbers look to academic papers for advice on running their business, but Duke University’s Ryan C. McDevitt has conducted some research that should help these companies make more savvy marketing decisions. For example, did you know that plumbing firms that advertise disproportionately on Google receive more than 13 times as many complaints from customers through the Read more »

Is multicultural marketing now part of ‘Marketing 101’?

Published November 12, 2013

How did one of the country’s top multicultural marketing experts find herself recently speaking at the International Spa Association’s Conference and Expo? Throughout her career, Kelly McDonald has seen this country, and specifically her local community in Texas, become more ethnically diverse. Her comments at the conference were intended to show that we no longer live in a “one size Read more »

How marketing can help position brands as meaningfully different

Published October 29, 2013

Imagine entering a room full of objects that are all the same size, color and shape — except for one that looks different from all the rest. Wouldn’t you be inherently drawn to the object that has its own unique characteristics? Wouldn’t it command your attention and leave you wanting to know more? As Harvard Business Review (HBR) puts it, “people are predisposed to choose things Read more »

When it comes to direct mail marketing, looks are (almost) everything

Published October 11, 2013

Throughout our lives, many of us have heard the expression “don’t judge a book by its cover,” and while this sentiment certainly applies in a number of different scenarios, I think most of us would agree that when something is visually appealing, it’s apt to pique our interest. This is particularly important for brands to keep in mind when coming up with direct mail marketing Read more »

Now it’s personal: How custom marketing campaigns make all the difference

Published September 30, 2013

Most of us are taught from a young age that “you can’t be everything to everyone.” The lesson is that we should be true to who we are and not sacrifice ourselves to impress others who couldn’t accept us as we are. There’s a lesson here for marketers. In the past, one strategic television advertisement or billboard could probably reach enough of a brand’s audience Read more »

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