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Why a great logo is essential for your business

Published December 2, 2013

If you are running a business, you should have a great logo to represent your brand. Whether your business is a large company or just you working out of your home, a logo is an essential component of branding that functions to make your brand recognizable and memorable to your customers. Logos are crucial because they can be used across multiple channels to communicate your brand’s presence and Read more »

Five advantages of direct mail marketing campaigns

Published November 28, 2013

Digital marketing may be all the rage these days, but there’s a reason direct mail is still around—direct mail can reach and create a powerful impact with your customers. There are many advantages to using direct mail marketing. Here are five: 1. Direct mail is physical. Customers receive a postcard or brochure and are able to hold it in their hands or even put it on their fridge as a reminder Read more »

The war between traditional or digital?

Published November 25, 2013

The decision to use a traditional or digital marketing strategy is one that many businesses face. A recent article in Entrepreneur explores possible outcomes of this decision, and the answer is… Well, your choice depends on what you’re trying to market. The article highlights the social media success of New Jersey bakery Pink Cake Box. For this company, jumping on the social media bandwagon Read more »

The basics of the brand

Published November 20, 2013

No doubt about it, the word “rebranding” gets thrown around a lot these days, not in the least on this blog. Like a lot of buzzwords, it can be a term that means one thing when you first hear it but starts to warp once it’s been used enough times, especially if your first encounter was somewhat skewed to being with. So in order to build a good “brand,” it’s essential Read more »

Design your email marketing blasts for a mobile audience

Published November 19, 2013

The percentage of marketing emails opened on a smartphone—45 percent—is now higher than those opened on a desktop—39 percent—according to a recent study by Moveable Ink. Furthermore, Moveble Ink CEO Vivek Sharma noted that “tablets are gaining momentum, quickly becoming a primary driver of email marketing interactions.” Tablets now account for more than 15 percent of all opened Read more »

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Every one who sells, services, or promotes your brand whether across the country or across the globe is a brand ambassador. Our marketing software sits in the cloud helping to execute and manage their local direct mail and email campaigns, collateral printing, microsites with SEO and landing pages, and social media posts without ever compromising your brand. And provides all the enterprise reporting you’ll ever need. AdSoft Direct creates marketing centers that drive new business, improve customer loyalty, and connect you with the most important part of your business: your customers.

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