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Current Events in Marketing


Sonos creates logo that ‘vibrates’

Published January 26, 2015

When creating a noteworthy logo, you can’t do better than designing something tailor made for the internet. Speaker company Sonos has won praise for a unique new logo that communicates the industry of the brand in a simple but effective way that is unique to the online realm. Whether or not it was meant to be, this is an example of how a good logo can be innovative while still being easy to Read more »


Do you have your customer’s permission?

Published January 22, 2015

Many people love getting email, but not if it’s from someone they don’t know. To get the most out of your email marketing campaign, your business should absolutely look for ways to add to the list of contacts. However, recipients are more likely to read and respond if they’ve already signed up for the messages and told you they want to receive these emails. That’s a tip that Read more »


Digital advertising on the Apple Watch

Published January 22, 2015

When your business sits down to brainstorm local marketing ideas for the digital world, you need to consider important changes in technological trends. New devices, especially those that bring a new means of displaying content with them, could change the game and require you to act differently in some way, perhaps by incorporating a new platform into your previous strategy. According to AdWeek, digital Read more »


Is Microsoft retiring its negative ad campaign?

Published January 21, 2015

While addressing your brand’s competition directly in your marketing can be effective, your business needs to ask itself how sustainable this strategy really is. Since 2012, Microsoft has gained attention for slamming Google in a series of infamous ads in which it warned users about being “Scroogled” by the tech giant. It was a catchy idea but drew criticism, and seems to have been Read more »


Twitter’s #chooseyourownadventure

Published January 19, 2015

At this point, most are familiar with the way Twitter promotes interaction between different users: Messages can be tweeted using popular hashtags, linking users to other accounts that support a particular message. Brands have become especially aware of the way that quick connection to their audience can help boost customer satisfaction. Fast Company recently examined one especially innovative use Read more »

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