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Marketing is one part science and one part art

Published September 24, 2013

Was there ever any doubt that Big Data would seep into the world of marketing? It shouldn’t take the most recent survey results to convince even the most hardened skeptics of analytics that Big Data is here to stay. Although, for what it’s worth, nearly two-thirds of organizations surveyed by Gartner said that they planned to invest in Big Data this year. The 90,000 marketing and advertising Read more »

What are the four best qualities of an online call to action?

Published September 23, 2013

When customers shop at brick-and-mortar locations, they aren’t confronted with many calls to actions (CTAs). They already know what they want, for the most part, and they know how to finalize a purchase. For businesses that rely on other marketing strategies, particularly those focusing on online sales, a little more hand-holding of the customer is required. Small Business Trends recently found Read more »

Is ‘short and sweet’ always the way to go in advertising?

Published September 20, 2013

Marketing campaigns are often trying to find the best, most direct ways to explain a product or service to customers quickly. In terms of television commercials, direct mail campaigns or even mobile ads, consumers are thought to have short attention spans. Why read 300 words when they can read 150? Will a three-minute commercial really hold a viewer’s attention? Nah, let’s just make another Read more »

The more the merrier: Why a multipronged marketing approach is successful

Published September 19, 2013

Two heads might be better than one, but what about types of marketing approaches? The advent of social media has significantly changed the way that companies create their advertising campaigns. Customers not only expect quick product delivery, they expect any questions or concerns to be answered as instantaneously as possible. A contribution piece in Inc. Magazine discussed this very issue, explaining Read more »

Break out of your marketing comfort zone

Published September 18, 2013

With technology ever-evolving, it is easy to assume that today’s marketing world only needs to include web-based marketing or direct mail approaches—one or the other. Depending on the audience, it is critical to pick the best option and stick to it. However, with so many choices available, it can often be overwhelming for those trying to create that ideal, game-changing campaign. A recent Read more »

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