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Sonos creates logo that ‘vibrates’

Published January 26, 2015

When creating a noteworthy logo, you can’t do better than designing something tailor made for the internet. Speaker company Sonos has won praise for a unique new logo that communicates the industry of the brand in a simple but effective way that is unique to the online realm. Whether or not it was meant to be, this is an example of how a good logo can be innovative while still being easy to Read more »


Generate traffic to your video by using the right thumbnail

Published January 23, 2015

Transcript Once you’ve made a great video for your website, it’s time to get it out there so people can see it! To generate more clicks, you’ll need to pick the right thumbnail image. Here are some things to think about when getting people interested in your content. Perhaps most importantly, you need to pick an image that is relevant to the video. Try and sum up the content without Read more »


Confident vs. Pushy Emails [VIDEO]

Published January 14, 2015

Transcript There’s a fine line between being excited in your marketing email and coming across as pushy. How do you show confidence without being too overbearing? One way to be more effective, according to CEO Kevin Gould, is to use common, informal language. You don’t have to use slang, but you should sound casual and friendly. Another tactic is to show real passion for your company. The Read more »


Is your content length too short?

Published January 12, 2015

When it comes to creating content for your brand, there is one important question you should always ask before moving forward: Will this hold my audience’s attention? When people are surfing the web, the window of time available to catch their attention is often small. Whether it’s in the form of an article, video, Tweet, Facebook post or any other type of content, considering length is Read more »


Scam email disguised as legitimate

Published November 17, 2014

Even a legitimate email marketing campaign, if badly managed, can be mistaken for spam or malware. Companies should do everything they can to make sure their multi channel marketing push shows the recipient that there’s no chance of their getting infected. That means staying one step ahead of scam artists and making choices that distinguish their real email from a fake one. The more official Read more »

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