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Why Apple’s U2 album giveaway failed

Published October 6, 2014

This blog has previously emphasized how although many elements of marketing have become increasingly automated, customers still want and appreciate a human element. This point is discussed in a recent article for Marketing Magazine that emphasizes how the human touch can never be completely replaced by an automated process. Although technology has evolved to play an increasingly prominent role in daily Read more »


How to use data and creativity effectively

Published October 1, 2014

Big data is a significant topic for many industries today. As companies have access to more information about customers than ever, it is worth considering how to use data to created increasingly targeted campaigns. However, the data in and of itself is not enough to make gains with a marketing campaign. The key to getting the biggest impact out of big data is to derive actionable insights from the Read more »


How much is your brand worth?

Published September 8, 2014

How much is your brand worth? This is a pertinent question for most any company, but the answer is hard to pinpoint. Your brand represents your company values, it’s who you are and customers make immediate connections with your company depending on how it has been branded. But can the true value of a brand actually be defined? This question is posed in a recent article for the Economist. The Read more »


Why the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge campaign was a success

Published September 5, 2014

Unless you’ve been on a social-media fast or living under a rock for the last several weeks, chances are that you’ve heard of or even participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The challenge, which is a viral marketing campaign to raise awareness and generate donations for the disease, has become wildly popular, with everyone from your next-door neighbor to tech titans like Bill Gates Read more »

Does your team use predictive analytics?

Are you making the most of predictive analytics?

Published August 28, 2014

Data is everywhere these days. With more people turning to mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets to communicate, shop and perform other activities that require internet connectivity, there is a wealth of information available. By taking this information and translating it into actionable insight, marketers can create more finely tuned campaign marketing strategies. Analysis is required to use Read more »

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