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Fig Newton rebrands itself

Published June 27, 2014

Companies re-vamp and rename their brands all the time, but when this needs to be implemented carefully so that customers don’t get confused and the product still retains some of its original identity. AdWeek recently reported on the way that a classic Nabisco cookie, the “Fig Newton,” has changed over the years. The actual name of the brand was changed two years ago, according to Read more »

Why measurment matters in marketing

Published June 25, 2014

Even if a great deal of effort is executed in a direct marketing campaign, without a way to measure and quantify the results, it will be hard to determine the return on investment. There has been a lot of buzz about content marketing, but when it comes to the effectiveness of these efforts, the results are unclear. In fact, recent research by content marketing firm Contently revealed that many marketers Read more »

Data is important, but creativity and intuition still matter

Published June 20, 2014

The more you know about your target audience, the greater your ability to create products and services that appeal to them. With the abundance of data available today, it’s easier than ever for marketers to leverage this information to fine-tune their campaigns. Recently we discussed on this blog the importance of interpreting data correctly: It is most powerful when it yields actionable Read more »

The impact of visual storytelling

Published June 18, 2014

We’ve often discussed the powerful impact an image can have. Photo sites like Instagram have made it possible for marketers to leverage this power. Images present an opportunity for marketers to create branding that tells stories in a visual way. When executed effectively, these campaigns can have a big impact. Recently we discussed how the human brain is actually wired to crave storytelling. Read more »

The power of storytelling

Published June 17, 2014

A compelling story is a powerful thing. Marketers have always known this, and today, there are more storytelling mediums available than ever. While personality and honesty and a little mystery are all ingredients that contribute to a great brand story, the stories that marketers tell are actually “craved” by our brains. According to research by Nielsen, consumer trust in advertisements Read more »

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