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Facebook forcing marketers to pay

Published November 18, 2014

Social media is a way for brands to get in touch with users directly, and has been for some time. However, transparency has always been a concern, and Facebook is taking steps to encourage that with changes to its rules for businesses. Now, companies that want to  promote themselves have to buy ads rather than rely on the casual “regular” posts to attract attention, as the New York Times Read more »

Pictures are important additions to marketing.

Using reputable images in marketing

Published November 13, 2014

While using eye-catching images is a cornerstone of any web-content, there are drawbacks of being too aggressively visual in your marketing materials. Not only do you risk bombarding the recipient with too much information all at once, bad use of images could also land your company in trouble. Before starting a multi channel marketing initiative, think about the images you are employing in your materials Read more »

Social media networks are everywhere you turn, and  each day the options for marketers in these channels are increasing.

Use social media “little and often” [VIDEO]

Published November 11, 2014

Transcript Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. Social media networks are everywhere you turn, and each day the options for marketers in these channels are increasing. But which one is right for your brand? The answer could be “all of them,” if you handle these initiatives correctly. Instead of trying too hard to reach customers, it’s more effective to maintain a steady presence that expresses Read more »


These email strategies don’t work

Published November 7, 2014

Email marketing has been around long enough that many already know the basic tricks that companies use to get customer attention. While there’s always the chance for businesses to reinvigorate old styles, some trends are better left behind, as Kimanzi Constable writes for Entrepreneur. A lot of what Constable criticizes has to do with both the subject of the email and the way that it presents Read more »


Banner ads in 2014

Published October 28, 2014

One of the most well-known forms of online marketing is the banner ad. Even as other tools have emerged to help companies reach their targets, the banner ad has persisted, a long-standing internet presence familiar to most users of a certain age. A recent piece for Fast Company illustrates the history of this ad, which dates back to a promotion for AT&T that appeared on Wired Magazine’s Read more »

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Self-Service, Local Marketing Automation

Every one who sells, services, or promotes your brand whether across the country or across the globe is a brand ambassador. Our marketing software sits in the cloud helping to execute and manage their local direct mail and email campaigns, collateral printing, microsites with SEO and landing pages, and social media posts without ever compromising your brand. And provides all the enterprise reporting you’ll ever need. AdSoft Direct creates marketing centers that drive new business, improve customer loyalty, and connect you with the most important part of your business: your customers.

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