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May 2014

Honda looks to sustainability for new campaign

Published May 23, 2014

It can be a challenge for marketers to create engaging campaigns that will garner a lots of attention. For this reason, marketers turn to creativity to generate unique ideas that will make a brand stand out from the crowd. One effective way of making an impression is to provide people with an unexpected twist on an every day item or occurrence. Lots of people drive. Everyone drinks water. But would Read more »

Guitar Center uses emotional appeal in new campaign

Published May 22, 2014

The viral video is something that many marketers strive to create, as their impact can be far-reaching. While there’s no specific formula for viral success, there are certain aspects inherent to successful videos. In fact, some of these elements have been revealed by scientists, who have found that emotional content is more likely to spread online. Brands that are looking to change up their Read more »

Jeep ad uses Unreleased Michael Jackson song

Published May 21, 2014

Celebrity endorsements and appearances have long been used in marketing campaigns. However, a recent study by Unruly Media examining the role of celebrities in viral content, and specifically, Super Bowl ads, revealed that celebrities do not necessarily make people interested in sharing content. This point may be applicable in a general sense — but is it different when the celebrity in question Read more »

Are celebrity endorsements worth it?

Published May 20, 2014

It might seem like an ordinary practice to seek out a celebrity spokesperson or model to help in an ad campaign, especially one that fits the product or service being advertised. But AdWeek recently reported on the statistics released by Unruly Media, who assessed all of the different ads from this year’s Super Bowl and looked at how much they were shared. As the source notes, most of the ads Read more »

Radioshack rebrands to stay relevant

Published May 19, 2014

In order to adapt to changing trends and customer desires, sometimes retail chain establishments have to redesign their stores. Recently, we discussed how Red Roof Inn listened to customer feedback to help breathe new life into their hotel room designs. The point of this was to overhaul rooms to provide customers with the experience they want. Similarly, RadioShack is planning to redesign its retail Read more »

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