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April 2014

Iconic Brand shows it’s playful side and goes viral

Published April 30, 2014

When developing a new campaign for an iconic company, marketers must be careful to maintain the integrity of the long-established brand, while adding a new twist that will get attention. What can a company that’s nearly 100 years old do to stay relevant in today’s world of viral marketing? Caterpillar, manufacturer of heavy construction equipment, has released a new ad that has quickly Read more »

Doritos adds a little mystery to new marketing campaign

Published April 29, 2014

Marketers are always on the hunt for creative ways to engage consumers, such as product tests and nationwide votes. While these tactics can be effective, sometimes the best marketing is a little bit of mystery. Doritos is incorporating this idea into a new marketing push, designed to entice consumers, that features three new “hidden” chip flavors. Known for its variety of flavored tortilla Read more »

KFC Marketing Campaign introduces Drumstick Corsage

Published April 28, 2014

As we’ve discussed previously on this blog, a marketing stunt can be a novel way to draw attention to a product. Sometimes marketers turn to really strange concepts to make a stunt stand out, and campaigns that strike a nerve with audiences may have the potential to go viral. Holidays and other important occasions occurring throughout the year can be good times to capitalize on well-known themes Read more »

Kraft launches “natural” Kraft Singles campaign

Published April 25, 2014

When marketing is done well, it can be convincing enough to sell products that may otherwise not seem so desirable. The way that a product is presented has the power to entice people to purchase it, even when it might not be quite what it seems. As the demand for healthier food options increases, some companies have responded by altering product ingredients to satisfy consumer demand. After receiving Read more »

Remarkable Marketing for Unremarkable products

Published April 24, 2014

Some products aren’t interesting enough on their own to get people talking about them. For marketers, finding a way to make uninteresting products stand out can be a challenge, but when done creatively, can make some of the most unremarkable products worthy of discussion. One example of this is the breakfast biscuit. What could a marketer do to make this product buzz-worthy? Belvita’s Read more »

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