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Direct mail marketing great for targeted marketing

Published March 6, 2015 at 6:34 am

Businesses can use direct mail marketing to see how interested a new marketing group could be in their brand.

Often, the term “targeted marketing” seems to apply mainly to online campaigns that use popular channels and communication tools to reach a set audience. While these are undoubtedly good choices for so-called “niches,” direct mail marketing campaigns can fit into this scheme and help your business get the attention of specific customers as well. As part of a larger initiative, direct mail could help fill in gaps and lead consumers to your marketing arms in other channels.

Writing for the Wall Street Journal, Veronica Dagher addresses some of the problems that financial advisers encounter when trying to gain wider audiences through “niche” marketing efforts. One of these is the possibility that businesses will ignore the customers and supporters they already have in an attempt to win the favor of an untested group.

By appealing to these new potential customers, they unfairly move away from a good source of positive press. Is there a way to meaningfully reach out to both without overstretching the advertising budget?

Quoting Brad Johnson, a management coach from an insurance brokerage, the article says that direct mail marketing could be a way for an adviser to distinguish themselves by testing the new niche before marketing to them more aggressively. A piece could feature content they find interesting, and if they are receptive, this might set up a need for more marketing materials that focus on them later.

Direct marketing has seen traction in recent years: according to a fact page from the CMO Council website, it accounted for more than $2 trillion in sales during 2012 alone. Consider mail options as a convenient testing mechanism that keep the audience of a brand evolving as you try to create a more established presence in your market.

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