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Tips and Tricks

Retweeting is an important part of maximizing your social media presence.

Does Retweeting help your brand?

Published March 9, 2015

Are you trying to build your current Twitter presence and attract more followers? Creating regular, exciting content is an obvious must, but the social aspect of this platform shouldn’t be ignored. It’s a good idea for any business that wants more followers to truly take part in Twitter and interact with others. This accomplishes brand exposure goals and comes with some strong benefits Read more »

The hashtag has undergone some changes over the years.

Your hashtag strategy should change!

Published March 4, 2015

Anyone who has used Twitter may have noticed subtle changes over the years in the way it operates. With more people aware of how it works, businesses have to be more adept at the different means that Twitter-based tools are used for nowadays. One of the most fundamental is the hashtag: we’ve touched upon it before on this blog, but let’s look a little more deeply into what a business should Read more »


What makes great Twitter content?

Published February 11, 2015

Transcript Just because you tweet doesn’t mean anyone will listen. What’s the best way to keep your audience’s attention in a medium where every letter counts? In an interview with Upstart Business Journal, entrepreneur Chelsea Krost said that social media users, particularly Millennials, are attracted to short and sweet posts that have some sort of visual element. There needs to Read more »

Timing can make a tweet take off.

The perfect timing of tweets

Published February 10, 2015

Marketing automation tools create consistency for a brand’s message across different platforms. On Twitter especially, writing new messages regularly keeps followers engaged and interested. However, it’s important that news-related tweets are posted at the correct time and do not feel dated. Once you have sent out a tweet, that tweet should stay marked with its one particular timestamp Read more »

On Twitter, a good hashtag can really make a marketing meme stand out.

Engaging audiences with the right hashtag

Published January 29, 2015

TRANSCRIPT On Twitter, a good hashtag can really make a marketing meme stand out. Take time to figure out which phrasing is best for your brand and you’ll succeed in the long run. What makes a successful hashtag campaign? For one, it can’t be too long, and it should to be flexible enough to apply to a variety of different situations. Alternately, it could be a prompt to help users come Read more »

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