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August 2014

People looking for products or services often run a quick Internet search to see what’s available in their local area.

Boost your company [VIDEO]

Published August 14, 2014

People looking for products or services often run a quick Internet search to see what’s available in their local area. Most businesses want to boost their visibility in search results, and with good reason. When it comes to local searches, standing out from the competition is essential to success. What can you do online to set your business apart from the competition? One way to boost your company’s Read more »


Consider your audience when using social media ads

Published August 13, 2014

Recently, this blog addressed the topic of using social media platforms as part of a multi-channel campaign marketing strategy, noting that while social media has the potential to reach a lot of current and potential customers, it can also have a negative effect. One instance in which an undesirable outcome can happen is when companies used paid promotional ads on sites like Facebook or Twitter, Read more »


Facebook or Instagram?

Published August 12, 2014

Social media has been a hot topic in marketing for some time now, and with good reason. The inherent nature of social media encourages the spread of material that can just as easily be used to fulfill marketing goals as it can for entertainment or personal use. Regardless of the channel being used, when people stumble upon a piece of content that they find interesting or remarkable, they are likely Read more »

A limited-time offer can help drum up business.

Why you should use limited-time offers

Published August 11, 2014

Running a promotion can be a great way to attract new or additional business. When the product is a good one, and there is only a finite amount to time to purchase it, customers are sure to follow. A recent article in Adage discusses how McDonald’s has managed to successfully use limited-time offers to market its McRib Sandwich. The article explains that the sandwich has achieved a cult following Read more »


Including your customers’ wants and neeeds in your marketing campaigns

Published August 8, 2014

Today’s world is filled with lots of distractions. As people increasingly connect with information through multiple devices, ranging from smartphones to computers to digital signage and even traditional billboards, the amount of data people receive on a daily basis can be overwhelming. It seems that there is more competition than ever to attract and retain consumer attention, but what can brands Read more »

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