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Archer finds successful way to enter the ‘Danger Zone’

Published October 14, 2013 at 2:12 pm

Would you ride down a highway to the danger zone?

Few companies would say yes, especially when it comes to their advertising and marketing campaigns. However, one television station decided to take off in flight and “buzz the tower,” to get viewers excited about a show’s new season that is still months away.

FX has already found great success with its adult cartoon show “Archer.” Avid fans are already well-aware that a running joke with the title character is that he is always telling his comrades to watch out for the “Danger Zone.”

The phrase is a reference to the 1980s movie “Top Gun,” which featured the song “Danger Zone” sung by Kenny Loggins and helped elevate Tom Cruise to true Hollywood status.

In an attempt to get fans excited about Archer’s fresh season airing in January, officials created a music video that spoofs the original. Characters are made up to look like the actors from “Top Gun,” and the final result is definitely getting people talking.

“Man oh man oh man. So. Much. To. Cover,” wrote Uproxx contributor Kris Maske. “Sterling as Maverick? Of course. Cyril is Goose? Perfect. Barry and the Iceman teeth chomp? Perfecter. Lana with 80s Kelly McGillis hair? Owning it. Pam doubling for a young Meg Ryan? Yes yes yes yes.”

A Rolling Stone article agreed, calling the trailer “stellar” and a perfect advertisement for the “hilarious espionage cartoon.”

Whether you are a 1980s movie aficionado or just an Archer fan, the clever trailer has inside jokes for everyone. These types of cross-company marketing campaigns can yield great success, it just takes careful audience consideration to find the right balance.

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