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Playstation encourages gamers to have ‘Perfect Day’ with new PS4 console

Published October 16, 2013 at 1:43 pm

Every company hopes that greatness awaits them and that the perfect day will be had. Whether that perfection lies in the release of a new product or a certain amount of sales being reached, customers must first know that something is happening. This is where a finely tuned marketing approach can come in handy.

With the PS4 console just 30 days away from its long-awaited release, Playstation is determined to get users excited and give them just a small taste of what “greatness awaits” them.

The ad starts out with two men dressed in medieval-style armor. As they prepare for a one-on-one battle, the duo begins to softly sing Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day.” Slowly, the battle intensifies and suddenly the scene switches to a racing scenario. The two friends continue to croon Reed’s ballad, even as one flips through the air.

The promotion ends with the same friends gearing up for another battle, in a scene that looks similar to some “Call of Duty” games.

“In the first TV ad for the PlayStation 4, there are remarkably no images of the console, the controller or even a TV,” explained a Mashable article. “It instead focuses on gameplay, even if the activities these two are competing in are only archetypes of gameplay.”

According to AdAge the spot is “effective” and “aimed squarely at those looking for a multiplayer game experience.”

The news source also pointed out that the ad coincides with the launch of Sony’s interactive website, Greatness Awaits.

Everyone might have a slightly different version of what a “perfect day” truly entails. But for companies looking to get the word out about a new product or service, the ideal moment comes when customers show that they are anxiously awaiting their next move and ready to make a purchase when the time is right.

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