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Tide’s horror movie Vines are bloody hilarious

Published October 21, 2013 at 11:43 am

October 21, 2013 – Can you capture the essence of an iconic horror film in just six seconds?

Tide has decided to take on this precise challenge as part of its “Stains Better Be Scared” marketing campaign, which will run through the end of October. AdWeek reports that the Procter & Gamble brand is using Twitter and Vine, a six-second mobile-social video platform, to release seven original videos featuring amusing remakes of memorable scenes from scary movies.

The first one — a bloody spoof of the 1976 film “Carrie” — debuted on October 18. Then, on October 21, the detergent company took on Albert Hitchcock’s “Psycho,” tweeting “Mother gets a little #psycho about dirty laundry #Halloween #ScaredStainless” to accompany the hilarious video.

This campaign is a great example of how brands can use widespread trends, topics and conversations to influence their web based marketing ideas, piggybacking onto existing Twitter hashtags that are sure to garner a lot of attention.

“Since consumers are pulling out their favorite scary movies in order to get into the Halloween spirit, Tide saw the perfect opportunity to join this conversation — which is already happening on social media,” a P&G rep explained to AdWeek.

Of course, Tide is no stranger to this kind of thinking. Back in August, the detergent brand published an animated Vine video during Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, tweeting “We get out blood stains, too. #TidePower #SharkWeek.”

Keep an eye on Tide’s Twitter feed over the next couple weeks to see which other classic horror films are given the brand’s humorous six-second makeovers. I don’t know about you, but I bet Regan MacNeil’s bedding required at least a few bottles of detergent.

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