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When do newsletters pack the most marketing punch?

Published November 12, 2014 at 6:36 am

A newsletter marketing campaign needs to be calibrated to be most effective.

Choosing the right marketing format for your business is crucial. In some cases, an informative newsletter is the most appropriate and effective means of communication. A story in Dentistry IQ recently looked at the way that different “mailers” affect responses for patients. Surprisingly, the newsletter is an especially strong way for dentists to reach out to their clients, as this source says, at least when compared to postcards.

According to this article, a recent study showed how a newsletter was 70 percent more likely to drive a response than a postcard, among 4 million patients surveyed in 300 different demographic groups. For dentists, these proved to be successful because they collect different kinds of information in one place.

Writing for Business 2 Community, Lisa Cannon recently urged newsletter marketers to think about the ways that their target audience will access their content digitally, specifically referencing the different mobile devices they will use to view them.

“Pay attention to how your recipients read your messages,” she writes. She also adds that, “in addition, you may want to keep the content short and drive readers online to read the whole article. It frees up your email for more topics, allows some breathing room (especially on mobile devices), and sends more traffic to your site.” She also says that proper planning and timing make these pieces work better.

As with any marketing initiative, preparing for the reception and audience will make a coordinated effort stronger. Cannon acknowledges that not every practice will be best suited to a newsletter campaign, but local marketing strategies that are synchronized should make sure that all aspects reach the target and get them involved in the brand’s story. An automated initiative helps put everything in focus and launch them all successfully.

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