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When should you send a marketing postcard?

Published December 6, 2013 at 8:51 am

adsoft_direct_local_marketing_automation_special_offerThe postcard is a simple, yet effective traditional mail marketing tool that you might be tempted to overlook in today’s world of digital marketing options. However, there are numerous benefits to using postcards in your direct mail marketing campaign.

A postcard offers you a chance to be quick and to the point with your message, and when it reaches the hands of the right audience, it has an immediate impact.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to pack a lot of punch into a small space, but this is also what makes postcards so powerful. One of the cool things about postcards is that your target audience doesn’t have to put in any effort to receive your message — all they have to do is look at the postcard and the information is already right there in front of them.

Postcards are beneficial in several ways:

1. Postcards are cost effective
2. They deliver a big impact in a small package
3. They are simple to make and distribute

Be sure to include:

1. High-impact marketing copy about your product or service
2. Compelling, eye-catching visuals
3. Some sort of call to action (deadlines will motivate customers to take advantage of a deal)

So, when should you use a postcard in your direct mail campaign?

Postcards can be a great way to market your business when you are first launching it. They can be especially useful to small businesses and startups because they are easy to produce and can help keep costs down. Postcards can be especially effective when used for a specific, time-sensitive deal or offer, but they are also a great option to consider any time you’re trying to promote your business.

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