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When is your niche too niche?

Published February 4, 2015 at 9:53 am


Appealing to specific users is important on social media, as it helps put the potential customer first and gives an ad more individuality. As the Wall Street Journal has reported, Lexus is taking a plunge into Facebook video marketing with a campaign intended to increase its reach with specialized video ads.

This could point to the enduring virtues of making online ad content with targets firmly in mind. The car manufacturer has produced 1,000 videos for dissemination across the social network, geared towards different demographics and designed to seem custom-tailored for each viewer.

The ads specifically center around the Lexus NX vehicle, and could reach as many as 6 million people, or so the company says. What makes this announcement even more noteworthy is the way it may play into changing trends on Facebook.

Recent months have seen the amount of users who watch video on the site expand. Information from a recent earnings call has revealed that 3 billion videos are watched on Facebook each day, according to TechCrunch’s Ingrid Lunden. Users have also been posting more videos, with the amount of video posts per person jumping 19 percent in 2014.

“My guess is that it will try to push more of this kind of ‘native​’ video in the future — that is, video hosted on Facebook rather than on third-party sites, either by offering more control and a better experience or better exposure in Facebook’s ever-evolving algorithm for what gets seen the most,” Lunden predicted about the company’s future approach to videos.

While viewing video on Facebook stands to be a further source of steady user engagement for brands, what matters most is that businesses are putting their best content forward in a consistent way. Automated marketing solutions are useful for keeping target demographics on all platforms equally notified of new marketing campaigns that could concern them.

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